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Are you vegan or just want to eat more vegetables? Looking for something specific? Call us at (800) 330-5729.

You can visit our store at 12924 Bailey St in Whittier, California.

Herbal Apothecary focuses on foods you might find at the Farmer’s Market the typically hard-to-find ingredients for those that live a vegan lifestyle. Owner Chef Denise Portillo’s vision for Herbal Apothecary features food ingredients for a plant-based diet and lovingly prepared, healthy prepared meals for the health-conscious consumer.

We sell produce boxes online.

The True Nourishment Produce Box includes seasonal farmers market produce and fresh fruit.

Herbal Apothecary Market founder Chef Denise Portillo created this program as a means to promote wellness of body, mind, and spirit. The True Nourishment Produce Box features fresh produce from the farmers market, cooking ingredients and soon will have “add-on” items for the health conscious customer looking for a more plant-based diet.

What’s in the True Nourishment Produce Box?

A box list will be posted bi-weekly on our website and includes organic produce from the farmers market that is in season and chosen by Chef Portillo for their freshness and wellness benefits. You can also add bakery items, vegan dairy, grains and legumes, etc…simply add them to the cart and we will add them to your produce box order.

How do I get the box?  Do you deliver?

The True Nourishment produce box order is delivered by Postmates with an additional fee at checkout.

Please Note: Delivery Days are Sunday and Wednesday — orders must be made by Monday or Thursday before the delivery days for each week. Please be advised that although we will include a cold pack in your box if there is anything perishable ordered — it is best if you are home when the delivery is made.

Which box should I get?

  • A small produce box is designed for a family of two at $42.50
  • A medium produce box is designed for a family of four at $52.50 and is approximately double the size of the small box.
  • Our large produce box is for families of 6 or more and costs $62.50 a box.

Take a Cooking Class from Chef Denise Portillo and True Nourishment

Chef Portillo is offering an Intro to Plant-Based Cooking class during the month of September, along with a “comfort style” class at the True Nourishment Test Kitchen on Greenleaf Avenue.  Check out the available classes and you can sign up and pay for them here.

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Showing all 7 results